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Urban Yard Group.

Founded in 1994, the Urban Yard Group is made up of a group of professionals who, committed to meeting market demands, to stay up to date with technology, and to maintain their contacts abroad, decided to use their experience and ability in the real estate business in Argentina.

The Neuss Group: a well-known business venture since the late XIX century that engaged in the real estate firm in 1932.

The popular Marino Group: in business in this market for almost 50 years as a private building and marketing company, which lately has been focusing on project and construction management.

Architect Iván Robredo: with broad national and international experience in construction design and a variety of projects.

Those were the three founder groups, the pillars supporting the professionals currently working for Urban Yard.

The biggest asset of the company is defining the real estate project in line with market requirements; identifying the land or venture with the highest leverage; developing a suitable project; doing an outstanding work in a highly competitive manner, with major companies in the local and international markets; and selling them in due time.

Late in the 90s, Urban Yard partnered with Tishman Speyer of New York, the real estate number One company worldwide. This partnership produced a strong interactivity. We were able to benefit from the know-how of the best world professionals in our field, and integrate the expertise of our local people. We hired the international architects firm of Cesar Pelli & Associates to develop an intelligent building for business offices in Dock IV, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, with state-of-the-art construction and conceptual technology.

The engineering work was entrusted to JB&B of New York, who worked in close cooperation with our local engineers.

As a result of that partnership, our group adopted the “5-Point Plan”:

1. The best architecture
2. The best engineering
3. Financial analysis
4. Operational costs and subsequent maintenance of the building
5. Project profitability

This ensured the group’s strong commitment not only to the project, but also to its operability throughout the life of the building.

In this way, we broke away from a disastrous local tradition to focus first and foremost on the marketing of a building to get good sales, and ignore poor quality of construction that leads to deterioration during its subsequent use. Clearly setting itself middle- and long-term goals, Urban Yard has tirelessly and diligently concentrated its activity on the development of Puerto Madero’s Dock IV, an area of unusual urban character that stands out from the rest of the city fabric. Urban Yard not only undertook the material execution of its notable buildings, but also planned, organized and more than once did itself whatever was required for defining the area’s character and contributing to its success. The Cityport, the Marinas, the Yacht Club, the Fortabat Museum, the El Divino Buenos Aires, the buildings along the sea wall facing Yacht I, II, III, and IV, and Madero Center. All of them are real estate realities, already executed, in efficient working order and good repair.

The group called upon international players to lend their cooperation. These players, who were invited and hired, interacted with and taught our members, are the following: Architect Cesar Pelli, Camper & Nicholson, Architect Rafael Viñoly, Van Mourik Vermeulen Architects from the Netherlands, from the internationally famous Rem Koolhas School. We worked with Architect I. M. Pei –the Louvre pyramid in Paris - Architect David Tryba from Denver, Colorado, and Stephen Wood Architects of New York.

All of them have been enriching experiences, opening up our minds to higher possibilities. The group has built, or participated in the construction of, buildings in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela, Mexico, the United States, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.